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Evaluation of The New York Times

This news article certainly supports the integration of solar panels into our lives, but it does not add much to the argument of a full conversion to solar power. Nonetheless, it does show a moderately effective way to intice citizens to incorporate some solar-produced electricity into their lives. The article also seems to be a testimonial, clearly biased in one direction. This does not hamper the accuracy, as it is a news story, not an ad in the paper.


I much appriciate the early feedback as I never looked at the site as biased before. That is certainly interesting and I will indeed search for some more sites which are not so energy resource bias. I do agree, however, everything Hybrido wrote and feel that this is a wonderful resource for its testimony of this system already being tried and tested in our society. Definately a step forward in the implementation process of what I feel is the best way to energize our environments.


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