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Evaluations of Frank B. Calio

This source appears to be reliable. Frank B. Calio is the Delaware Commissioner of Elections. Having read this article, it is clear that Calio has an educated and clear understanding of voting procedures. He discusses the Delaware electronic voting machines in detail and defends them well. Because of his role in Delaware elections, he can be trusted to understand the voting methods. In addition, there is no reason the Calio would be biased to the voting machines. If the machines were not reliable or were obviously less secure than other means of voting, Calio would more than likely convey this opinion. And, finally, to the best of my knowlegde, this article is accurate. Therefore, I believe this source is a good and reliable one.

I beleive that this is a reliable source. Because he is actively involved in the election process, as commissioner of elections, he knows the benefits of using machines. This article allows the reader to see how they have helped increase the reliabilty of voting procedures in Deleware. I believe that he is a credible, and the article is helpful to assure others that the methods he addresses are beneficial and should be used.


Calio serves as a commissioner of elections in Delaware, which makes him an expertise in the area of election processes. This article that was published in the Delaware Voice confirms what many voters are anxious and nervous over and that is whether the new, uniform electronic voting machines are safe and legitimate. His primary basis for this argument is the rigorous security that surrounds the voting machines and the tabulation of the votes. The fact that the candidate who lost by only 50 votes trusted the machines enough not to demand a recount is testimony to Calio's defense of the machines. Overall, this article is convincing and nonpartisan, and gives superior evidence that the new machines are safe and secure.

This article makes great points about the Delaware system and how they operate. However, it does not seem to me that this article would be without bias. The author of the article is the Delaware Comissioner of Elections. There are two intentions of this article: (1) to point out how good the Delaware voting system is and (2) to ease voters concerns about how infalible their system is. I think the reader should take this into account when he or she reads it and weigh the information accordingly.