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Evaluations of Dolloff, J. Holly

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This source is full of valuable information about the increase of merit-based aid that I will certainly apply to my position, because the facts presented seem trustworthy and crucial to understanding this issue. The details are accurate, according to what I have learned from other journals. Holly’s opinion about how financial aid should be dispersed is well articulated. I do not recall him mentioning possible positive effects of the increase of merit-based aid, so his paper is one-sided in a sense without opposition to his stance. J. Holly Dolloff certainly has a diverse history with the Nashville Business Journal. He has publications on a plethora of topics, whereas most sources that I have reviewed tended to be published by authors that specialized and focused on one topic.

This article is a very relevant source of information on this topic. Tennesse's HOPE scholarship is modeled after Georgia's own HOPE which provides many Georgia Tech students the opportunity to attend the school. The article discusses the negative affect of merit-based scholarships on need-based which identifies with this topic. This article tends to be a bit bias with its constant repeats of the negative aspect of the HOPE scholarship although it does provide good reasoning ans support.
CONTRIBUTED BY hmoob_ladie

I felt that this article seemed to have many good points. I felt that the writer of the article used logos to appeal to the reader. This is probably why others in the class have felt that this article was also a relevent source for this topic. Since my position is for need-based to be above merit-based, I feel that this article will be a big help in writing my paper.
CONTRIBUTED by Blondieblue

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