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Evaluations of Greenhouse, Linda

This December article from The New York Times seems mostly to be a statement of facts. Having done no research into the case discussed, I assume the facts are reliable. The writer does seem somewhat biased toward the suing coach. She begins the article with praise, not necessarily unjustified, of Title IX, and continues to portray the case as having weighty significance for racial civil rights. She gives more words to presenting the coach's side of the case than to presenting facts from the school's position. All in all, the article is a good source for possibly one-sided facts interlaced with some opinion.

Evaluation by CookeeMo

Personally I feel that this article does not give any useful information that would allow anyone to write a paper on Title IX. Yes it does talk about an instance in which a coach was fired from a school in Birmingham, Alabama, but the author of the article spends most of her the time discussing other cases especially the ruling of Title VI which deals with the anti-race-discrimination statute, and why this will effect the out come of the coach from Alabama's case.

Evaluation by snasnuska18

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