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Evaluations of Save Title IX

Edit Evaluations of Save Title IX here.

This site contains good information about what title IX is, however it has a favorable bias view, because the site is made by a national campaign group that strongly opposes any changes to title IX.

Evaluated by sobek18

This is an EXTREMELY biased site. Obviously since the makers of the site are in support of keeping Title IX, but the website does contain good info about Title IX but the "Facts and Myths" portion makes far fetched claims.

Evaluated by FB5945

I found this site extremely useful and easy to use. Because it has several easy-to-follow links, information can be easily obtained. However, I found the site slightly deceiving because it claims to be a "nonpartisan national education campaign." Without thinking, one could easily believe that this site is not biased. However, it is extremely bias and has a distinct agenda. KateSpade85

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