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This site is good because it has history about title ix and it also states what the State legislature and the federal legislature point of view about title ix. toejam

Are males more dominant than women in our sports world today? Whether you may think women are more dominant than males or not; should they get equal amount of funding to every sport at every level. This issue that deals with circumstance is Title IX. Title IX is of the Educational Amendment of 1972 and it states: “No person in the U.S. shall, on the basis of sex be excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program of activity receiving federal aid.” Athletes has created a lot of controversy about Title IX in regards for them creating a since equality or the equal distribution of funding and participation for everyone, male or female. The components of Title IX also demands all levels of sports activities to financial aid, accommodation of interest and ability, and also opportunities in other program areas.
At any sport program the financial assistance must be able to distribute the money evenly among the other sports. In order for them to this they task must be able to give the money proportionally to individual sports programs according to the ratio of male and female athletes. There were many lawsuit cases dealing with Title IX like the case in Springfield, Missouri with Jocye Mahoney which saw several instances that was unfair. I believe that financially women should get an equal amount of the funds and the same opportunities.
Another component Title IX cover is accommodation of interest and the ability to serve every sport competitively. Competition should be equal among all the sports in respect to the enrollment. The school also must be able to show history of developing interest and abilities of that sex. Since Title IX has taken place there has been a rise in women participating in intercollegiate sports and earning more engineering degrees. Five years after 1972 after Title IX was signed women has earned 44 percent of medical degrees.
The last component states that all other benefits, opportunities, and treatment afforded sports participants are to be equivalent, but not absolutely identical to one another. In some sports there are different amounts of games played on average and at one particular they should be able to play the maximum amount played rather for them to be cut some games because of inequality. Some things Title IX looks specifically is equipment and supplies, travel and per diem, opportunity to receive academic tutoring, and also locker room, practice and competitive facilities to name a few.
Title IX is crucial for the future to our world. Today they are millions of women doing the same things men are doing competitively and academically. There should be an equality of funding and equipment provided to school extra curriculum activities for students-athletes. It doesn’t really matter who is the dominant species because everyone should be well taken care of and not looked over because they belong to one of these species. The government has enforced this Title IX ruling on many schools is it has many benefits for school, universities, and institutes. Sports bring in a lot of money school programs so why not treat them with equality.

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