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Topic: Issue # 6

The US government should undertake a large-scale research and development program to achieve energy independence by the year 2030.
This issue requires that you include a proposal for funding this program.


The United States government should adopt a research program in order to attain energy independence by 2030. Energy independence would mean using hyrogen instead of fossil fuels in combustion engines, along with using various other types of alternate energy resoureces, such as the sun and wind. This program would require a lot of researching how to utiilize altenative fuels as well as forcing people to give up using their gasoline engines. California is already planning to have hydrogen fuel avaiable to all of its citizens by 2010. Energy independece is an attainable goal, but it will also cost a lot of money to pull off. The government would have to raise money for the program by taxing gasoline automobiles to the point that people would rather drive and make cars that use hydrogen fuel. Any other kind of taxation would never result in the complete discontinuance of fossil fuels.

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Resources Contributed:

Tom Kenworthy. "Energy independence may be a pipe dream." In USA Today 10/24/2004.

This article is not for energy independence, but it states many facts pertaining to energy use today, which needs to be considered when talking about a future energy use program.

Amanda Griscom, "A Declaration of Energy Independence." [web page] 30 June 2003.

This article talks about different organizations trying to start American energy independence.

Matt Bivens, "Fighting for America's Energy Independence." [web page] 28 March 2002.

This article talks about the political discussions made about American energy independence.

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CastorTroy's comments on themis' Position

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