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Evaluations of Title IX Educational Amendments

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Evaluation 1:

This source has facts in it, such as certain Acts and court cases. It does seem somewhat biased towards women, though. The article feels that women still do not have enough equity with Title IX. This article is from a feminist organization, so it is expected to have a biased viewpoint. I think it brings good topics to the table, yet may lack in proving their point with enough proof or examples.

Evaluated by dancingdiva

Opens by stating what exactly title 9 does, then goes on to claim the benefits that come along with it. To support the benefits of title 9 the writer gives statistics and examples to show how the title has aided in women in sports. Also does in to little dpeth on the history of title 9 and how it came to pass.

Evaluated by bwolves11

I found this article and I feel that is does a great job pointing out the positive outcomes of Title IX and the positive effect that it has had on women. It also provides its readers with a sufficent amount of background information.

Evaluated by lexie801x

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