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I believe the U.S. Government should undertake a large-scale research and development program to achieve energy independence by the year 2030.

On the official website for Fuel Cell, details are given on how not only is this alternative energy source very clean but also, it is very economical. Since Fuel Cell Inc. is the leading producer, developer, and researcher of fuel cell technology (not to mention that it's based in the United States) it only natural to assume that this company can be the United States' first step toward energy independence (versus dependence on oil from foriegn countries).
Check it all out at

Also geothermal energy provide a similar argument as fuel cells (economical and and clean) but this particular type of energy serves a purpose that is separate from fuel cells. Where as the fuel cells are used in conjunction with internal combustion engines, geothermal energy is used for home heating. I feel this is good because this shows that variety of alternatives energy sources can be used toward a variety of purposes. Instead of attacking one aspect of energy independence, you try to tackle multiple dilemmas (afterall, to be considered energy independent you technical would have to be able to address all of your country's energy needs rather than just something like fuel for automobiles only. Check out reports on geothermal energy @

And by the way, I started my position paper on this topic (it's just a draft right now) and i just highlight two possible alternative energy sources that have the potential of making the U.S. energy dependent. My whole point is that if so much work have been put into the search for alternative energy already (and we might be on the verge of breakthrough) then if large scale research and development implemented then the U.S. could possibly achieve energy independence in a relatively short time. Read if you dare!!!


Alright, here's the moment you all have been waiting for (that's right, I've finally reached the goal of having this all but short paper finished, finito, done, completed, whole, to its entirety, absolute get the picture)!!! Anyway, since I feel so delightful about finishing this assignment, I going to make my final version available for viewing. YAY! Alirght enough with the joking, back to business. The following link has my paper in it's entirety along with the soucre/bibliography page. So don't go looking around here for my bibliography. In short, just check out the paper. (Caution read @ your own risk once more!!!)


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