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Evaluations of "How Women Have Fared..."

Resource Information:

Warren A. Whisenant. 2003. "How Women Have Fared as Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Since the Passage of Title IX," Sex Roles 49.3: 179-184.
This article, also found on Galileo, is actually the write-up of a study on women's jobs and opportunities under Title IX. The conclusion is that women have more opportunities to participate in sports, but they still have little chance of coaching or holding sports jobs. The article supports a scale-down of Title IX in favor of more emphasis on women's equality in athletic careers.

Resource Evaluations:

This study write-up is by someone in the Department of Health and Human Performance, College of Education, University of Houston. The study's self-proclaimed goal is "to assess how well women have fared under Title IX at the interscholastic level, not as participants or coaches, but beyond the playing field into the offices of the athletic director." To have such a goal, someone probably had to have wondered about or noticed few women in higher athletic careers, and the study may have begun with a biased notion that the result would be few women in such positions. The presentation of findings, however, seems unbiased and pretty well rounded.
Evaluation by CookeeMo

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