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Evaluations of "The Female Athlete"

Resource Information:

Jolie C. Holschen. 2004. "The Female Athlete," Southern Medical Journal 97.9: 852-858.
This article, found through Galileo, describes possible health risks associated with increased competitiveness in women's sports. It does suggest, however, that injury rates among female athletes are decreasing.

Resource Evaluations:

This article is written by a trained medical doctor about medical issues associated with female athletes. She should, therefore, be considered a qualified source for this information. Her position does not appear biased. She writes about potential risks and about mythical and diminishing risks to women in sports. A peer-reviewed source, this article can be considered a factual, reliable source.
Evaluation by CookeeMo

Resource Evaluations:

The article is very objective, but mainly focuses on risk factors on women's health in competitive sports rather than support or rejection of TITLE IX.

Evaluation by UncleSam

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