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Evaluations of Women's Sports Foundation

This is my evaluation. This article is good for statistics. The author of this article and the Women's Sports Foundation could seem bias, but they are dedicated to promoting equality. The author presents a lot of information dealing with the positive effects of Title IX, but none dealing with the negative effects. This article is a good source on information for continuing Title IX. ~ TBFrosty44

This article is pretty well written and seems to be a generally valid source. According to her biography, the author is very involved in athletics (mostly women's athletics, but she does have some experience with men's), and she holds/has held several positions of authority and honor in the world of women's athletics. Most of the claims she makes are supported with statistics and/or study conclusions, suggesting the material is accurate. Her angle on the issue obviously could be biased, since she is so closely tied to women's athletics. She does not present any of the negative effects on women of increased athletic competition that are mentioned in "The Female Athlete" (Jolie C. Holschen). Overall, though, her claims of positive effects probably outweigh the negative effects.
The information she gives about Title IX itself is interesting and informative and does not conflict with anything I knew previously about the law.
Evaluation by CookeeMo

Unlike, most of the resources I provided, this article provides opinion thats supported by facts. The author as credibility which gives her opinion more impact. The author is women, which would cause her perspective to be slightly biased towards favoring Title IX.
CONTRIBUTED BY datboi2sick

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