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The US should create a uniform national system for elections to national office, including voter qualifications and registration, the operation of polling places, and the machinery of voting (electronic, paper ballot, etc.).
Furthermore, the system must be accounted for by the national government and not by the states to ensure equality and equal facilities. However these facilities must meet the individual needs of each voting district.
In the United States today as in many past centuries the idea of freedom, equality, and choice reign high in the way that the system of government works. Although not a key word to the founding fathers, Democracy is the idea that has allowed America to soar to the level it is today. However, in today’s voting system that equality, democracy, and choice are being put on hold because of a lack of a fair and systematically efficient voting system throughout the United States. Other countries have often looked to America to get ideas and guidance on how an efficient and fair system of electing officials should work. In recent years, this system has failed and the opinion of the people has not been correctly identified because of faulty voting procedures and a lack of adequate voting districts. Because of this other countries can now see the weakness in the American voting system and thus its government and will not perceive its system as important as in years past.
In the United States today there are many methods that are used to cast ballots in Presidential and any other elections. Some of the methods included are hand created ballots, punch card ballots, lever systems, scanning systems, and for more prominent and wealthy districts a touch-screen system referred to as DRE (Direct Recording Electronic). The most notable and inefficient and faulty system used in elections today is the punch card ballots. The oldest system for voting used today and most confusing to elderly and certain individuals in recent elections became famous in the 2000 presidential election in Florida. The term “hanging chad” became a common household term and the confusion that such a simple problem created in the Presidential process is astounding. Because of the mistakes in the past it is clear that a highly effective system without room for much error must be set into place.
The problems facing America and the voting process today are not easily solved through a quick solution. While it is clear that methods and changes are needed for future elections, the task of creating a foolproof election process has never been accomplished in history. There are many ways that the problem could be handled but each solution involves large sums of money and money is an issue that is argued upon around the world every second of every day.
There are three keys to creating a solution to the voting problem that need to be handled together to attain a system of voting that is fair to all people throughout the United States.
The first key have a uniform system or method to vote that is used throughout every district and town in the entire United States and territories. This means that there would not be different ways to cast votes at all. Every voting prescient would have the same type of voting machinery, the same method to record the vote results, and the same procedure for maintaining lines and crowds and allowing every individual to vote. To accomplish this task there must be a procedural outline that must be checked by the national government at each district to maintain that every site is fair. This must be accomplished because in past elections this has been an issue. In Ohio, many have had allegations that the richer more republican districts of society are being provided with the impressive touch screen systems while in the poorer districts there were insufficient amounts of voting machines. This means that the voter turnout was unfairly skewed due to an inability of the minority and poor individuals to vote. These problems could have hindered many of the recent elections on the national level and therefore a system provided to all of society is important.
A second key to creating a better voting system is after creating a uniform system to make the system as foolproof as possible. The system must be strong enough so that no group could tamper with the results or unfairly change the outcome of the election by hacking into an electronic voting system or counting the votes unfairly. A way in which this could be prevented is to have a group that is paid and does not care about the issue to count the votes. Finding individuals like this would be difficult but necessary to provide a fair vote count.
Lastly, for a new voting system to be created, large sums of money will need to be raised to bring each district to the same standards. A way to provide this money must be accounted for. Any method for raising money would be controversial and many people would disagree with it because it would be taking money out of pockets of individuals that do not feel the problem is their own. A method must be created to keep all citizens happy and raise the money for such tasks.
If these ideas are created a better voting system should occur and the recent voting problems will be a thing of the past.

Final Copy of Posistion Paper, robertoSmith

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