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An Environment that we can Live with! KatGT0

I agree with the proposal that annual tax registration on vehicles should be inversely proportional to the gas mileage of the vehicle. This system of taxation of vehicles would have a positive affect on our environment, which is an even more important issue! Using this system would encourage consumers to buy more fuel-efficient vehicles; in turn, the vehicles would decrease the amount of pollution in our atmosphere. Some may say that this will only hurt America's big businesses, but I say that a "healthier" world and cleaner America are more important! We should incorporate incentives and a change in taxation to create a market for fuel-efficient vehicles that will make our world a healthier place.
The annual taxation of vehicles is now based on many factors such as model and price at purchase of the vehicle. There are many defects with the system when considering the environment. For example, a BMW may be more expensive at purchase than your average Sports Utility Vehicle, but an SUV may have a lower gas mileage; therefore contributing more pollution than would a higher gas mileage BMW. An obvious incentive for fuel-efficient vehicles is changing the current system of annual registration tax. This change will make environment friendly vehicles the choice for Americans because they will be more affordable. One incentive already offered by the Federal government is the tax break offered to those who buy and use Hybrid vehicles. The consumer is allowed a one-time deduction of two thousand dollars if he/she purchases a hybrid vehicle in the year 2004 or 2005. This seems like a great start to motivate consumers but the deduction will decrease to five hundred dollars by 2006; therefore, a substantial incentive is only temporary. Also this tax break is only offered for Hybrid vehicles and does not make an impact on consumers buying from a local dealership. Incentives should also reach those consumers who are choosing vehicles that are considered more environment friendly than most other vehicles. By creating a system of taxing based upon gas mileage of vehicles, we could create incentives fit for all levels of fuel-efficiency. The emision of CO2 in the environment will decrease substantially as well.
Fuel-efficient and electric vehicles are in existence, but because there are few incentives for these vehicles, their demand is not what it should be to have an impact on our environment. Today it is fashionable to drive large SUV's and large trucks. A few of the leading fuel- efficient vehicles for 2005 are the Honda Insights, Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrids, Volkswagen new Bettle, Golf, Jetta, and Jetta Wagon. Changing our system of taxation would increase the demand for these vehicles, increase productivity level of these vehicles and make them “cheaper” for the average consumer. By increasing taxes for those vehicles with poor gas mileage, a domino effect of events would occur in our economy for a better environment. Many companies such as Ford are encouraging the production of fuel-efficient vehicles by contributing new and improved designs of already existing consumer friendly vehicles. This is a step that the economy as a whole should make to increase the production of fuel-efficient vehicles.
There are many arguments as to what measures should be taken to increase production of fuel-efficient vehicles, whether they have high gas mileage, run electric, etc., but the individual must consider the larger picture. The effect this change in taxation will have on the environment is just one of the many benefits! We must take a stand and let it be known what is important to us as Americans; a better tomorrow for the future generations.


You've got a good strong, position, and I agree with it, so of course I support your cause. Keep it up, you're going to have a good paper.

I think it is a strong paper with many great points. The one thing I might add is explain why the enviornment is more important than big business instead of just saying it. Looks like a good paper.

You have a pretty solid argument here, but as techgoggles stated keep in mind that it is necessary to support and explain yourself whenever you make any notable point. Be sure to keep in mind what someone who opposes your main argument might be thinking while reading the paper. That way you can always provide a solid defense.

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