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Evaluation of Shell Renewables site

Evalution #1 by CastorTroy

This is a pretty good description of atlernative fuel supplies, such as wind and biomass, given by Shell's website. They tell about how it will be possible in the future to use alternative fuels instead of using fossil fuels. It appears to be unbiased and accuarate.

I agree that this site has some good information. I think that Shell is a reputable enough company and that it's information is accurate and can be trusted. Also, I like how it has links to all of the different types of energies and within those has separate places to learn more about them. It is arranged well and is full of lots of good facts with little bias.


I like this site a lot. Although Shell may be slightly biased in favor of all of the technologies listed, as they are trying to promote the viability of each one, there is a lot of good information to be found and the site does a good job describing how these technologies will be used or could be used in the future. It is well arranged and easy to navigate.

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