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Help! I don't get this site.

This is a collaborative website, also known as a CoWeb or Swiki. It's a site that anyone in the world can view and anyone in the class (or others approved by Professor Barke) can edit.

How do I get a username to edit things?
This site is being administered by Andrea Forte at the College of Computing. Email her at, let her know what you want your username to be. She'll get back to you with a password.

How do I edit things?
For detailed reference, click on the help link that is available on the top of every page.

The most basic use of a CoWeb is: click on the "edit" link at the top of any page, enter your username and password, and make changes! You can create new pages by adding text with asterisks on either side, like ∗this∗.

How do I get credit for my work?
Just like you put your name on all your paper work, you need to sign all your contributions with your username. Please do not use your real name. This is a globally accessible website and your privacy is important. The TA and instructor will have a log of all your contributions.

Hint: if you want to be able to get a list of links to all your contributions, simply sign all your work with asterisks (∗) on either side of your username. This will automatically create a list of links on your userpage to all the pages you've edited!

What if someone else messes with my work?
The coweb software stores every change that anyone makes along with who made that change. Nothing ever disappears from a coweb. If someone else changes your work or tries to take credit for it, there will be a record of that change and that can be considered academic misconduct.